If you're a busy parent that barely has enough time to make your son or daughter lunch for school in your Delaware or Expo condos on a daily basis you're probably faced with the dilemma of purchasing them snacks for their lunch that don't involve any prep work but are unhealthy. Do you buy snack size bags of chips or sugary granola bars that involve nothing more than throwing them into lunchboxes that you know your kids will love or do you spend time trying to make something healthy like kale chips that your kids might bring back home?

It's a tricky situation to be in as a parent but one that can be navigated and also see you avoid having to visit your dentist to treat your son or daughter for cavities thanks in large part to all those unhealthy lunchtime snacks. The notion of healthy lunch options might seem like one that is unattainable but if you work in tandem with your kids you should be able to come up with a solution that sees them eating healthy food options at lunchtime.

There are plenty of healthy lunch options that you can buy at the grocery store such as fruit salads, dried fruits and yogurt tubes that would be a welcome sight over chocolate bars and chips. If you don't like the snack options being offered at your local grocery store you can always buy healthy ingredients such as whole wheat crackers, pumpernickel bread, fruits and veggies and make your own healthy lunchtime school snacks for your kids. Again, this might be detrimental to your dentist, but you don't need to worry about them; your son or daughter's health is the main priority here.

What you also need to consider is what your kids like to eat. If you let them in on picking what they get to eat as part of their lunch at school there's a greater chance they will eat what you make them rather than giving it to friend or throwing it out. If they love peanut butter offer to make them a peanut butter and banana sandwich on pumpernickel or whole wheat bread instead of a peanut butter and jam sandwich on white bread.

If you can steer your children on healthy foods making their lunches will be a whole lot easier on you and the older your children get the more involved they can be where it gets to the point that they start making their own lunches and you can focus more on other things. If you're ever stuck for healthy lunch ideas just Google "healthy school lunch ideas" and you'll be presented with numerous recipes you and your kids can make together.

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