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Once you've hammered in the last nail and spread around the last coat of sealant, you may think that your deck building job is done. But don't uncork a cold beer and pat yourself on the back just yet. You're only partially right. The construction side is done (so go ahead and have that beer as a reward) but the deck isn't finished. Don't worry, the work you still have to do doesn't involve particle physics or electronic design and manufacturing - just a firm grasp of common sense and a little bit of a decorator's touch. Before your deck can be truly complete, it needs to be accessorized.

The deck accessories section is probably the largest section in your local department store, especially during the summer. In it, you'll see everything from outdoor bathroom vanities, where you can rinse off those chicken legs before putting them on the grill, to special storage benches designed to hold up under the weather. With so much selection, you're bound to find something that strikes your fancy. To help you narrow down the list of possibilities, we'll give you the low-down on the best products you can get for the type of entertaining or activities you plan to do on your new deck.

People accessorize their decks for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is privacy. Any real estate agent will tell you it's almost impossible to find a house in the city that's actually out of sight of the neighboring houses, because land is in such high demand. Therefore people resort to deck accessories like walls, screens or fences to give themselves a little privacy from the prying eyes of their next door neighbors. Some customers also want a privacy wall built right into the deck design that will provide them with the privacy they are after. We can tell you the best and classiest way to accessorize your deck for privacy.

Another aspect of deck accessorizing we'll cover in our series of articles on the subject is protection from the sun and other natural elements. People like to enjoy nature on their decks without actually coming into contact with it. Therefore some types of deck accessories, like screens or awnings, are designed to protect you and your deck from pests and the weather. Screens and awnings act much like a big umbrella. They let in important things like air while blocking harmful or annoying elements like rain, UV rays, and mosquitoes.

If you're planning on sitting out on the deck a lot, or hosting any type of event, from a block party to a sit-down dinner, you'll be getting into the furniture aspect of deck accessories, which is one of the most important. We can help you with every detail from figuring out how many chairs to get for your family reunion (and where to store them when its over) to locating wall art to hang on the side of the house and delight diners while they eat. Department stores have more deck furniture than you can shake a stick at, so be sure not to miss this important article.

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