Your Future Home Might Be Found In Newmarket Real Estate Listings

If you want to live in a nice suburban community where you can afford a home large enough to fit your family, you have numerous options in the Greater Toronto Area. There are dozens of communities within a 45 minute drive (on a good day) from Central Toronto. The trick will be deciding which one you like best. A real estate agent can help you nail down what type of community your family needs and make some suggestions as to which communities meet your requirements, but there's nothing like old fashioned research. Let this be your jumping off point to learn more about Newmarket.

Newmarket is located about 50km north of Toronto and belongs to the York Region, which shares things like public transit and emergency services across several communities. Newmarket is the nominal capital of the York Region and is home to about 80,000 people. It has numerous amenities to recommend itself by, including the Holland River, plenty of parks and conservation areas, a hospital, a historic downtown shopping area, and the Upper Canada Mall. MoneySense magazine has rated Newmarket as one of the best places in Canada to live for 2013.

Newmarket began its life as a portage point on the Holland River and then expanded to a Quaker community featuring a mill, tannery, and distillery. After the 1837 Rebellion, when William Lyon MacKenzie delivered his first speech in Newmarket, the town became the home of the original store in the Simpson's department store chain and a stop on both the river and rail routes linking Toronto with the shipbuilding centers on Georgian Bay. Today, Newmarket's economy is supported by business, administration, retail, technology, manufacturing, and the public sector, though some residents commute to Toronto.

The Newmarket real estate listings feature every type of real estate from condos to mansions. A small house in Newmarket costs an average of $485,000 while a town house retails for around $400,000. Large mansion homes in Newmarket cost an average of $650,000 (though some are priced at more than a million dollars) while a standard two bedroom condo costs around $260,000 plus monthly maintenance fees.

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